Sunday, July 3, 2011

BSN Nurse Job Description

BSN is the short form of Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing. This degree is necessary for the nurses to gain an entry level job position. There are varieties of job duties which are to be undertaken by the BSN nurse.

Some of the significant job duties which are to be generally undertaken are mentioned below:

  • They have to assist the doctors while undertaking the medical examination of the patient.
  • They have to keep track of the medical conditions, closely monitor the symptoms and the changes in the health condition of the patient, maintain its record and brief about it to the doctor.
  • They have to effectively communicate about the condition of the patient to their family members, extend support to them and also solve all their queries related to the treatment.
  • Along with undertaking the responsibilities of the nurse, they also have to manage and supervise a team of registered nurse who are assigned under them. They should check out whether all the nurses are undertaking their job responsibilities properly and also help undertake some strategies or steps for improving the services provided by the registered nurse.
  • They also have to keep a track of the progress of the patient and also provide the emotional support to the patient undergoing a particular treatment.

However, apart from being informed about the job description of a BSN nurse, it is necessary to build an outstanding BSN nurse resume. You have to find out the latest trends which are followed while writing a nursing resume. You can get information about the right method for writing a resume from the nurse resume samples which are available in various online sites.

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The job description of the BSN has been discussed here. It also discusses about the right method for writing a nursing resume that would help you to get good job offers.


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